This U-cup consists of a non symmetrical design where the diameter of the cup is oversized for the groove diameter. This oversized condition puts a hoop pressure on the seal in the gland to aid in stability. The U-cup also has a non symmetrical lip design where the dynamic lip is thick and more aggressive than the static lip. The primary distinguishing characteristic is the secondary lip at the base of the seal. This secondary lip provides a second sealing point and at the same time provides
a stability lip to prevent twisting and rolling of the seal affecting the sealing footprint.

Rod seals are hydraulic seals ideally suited for heavy-duty mobile and stationary service where leakage must be held to an absolute minimum. Its geometry is highly resistant to side loading and is insensitive to pressure spikes and reduces or eliminates leakage under severe operating conditions.

Rod seal is an asymmetric seal offering superlative dry rod sealing for light and medium duty applications. It has become an industry standard seal worldwide owing to its twin lip profile and consistent performance.


The thermoplastic polyurethane material used for U-Cups has a high abrasion resistance, low compression set and exhibits a high resistance to gap extrusion. It is particularly resistant to tearing resulting from bending and tensile stresses and thus is very easy to install.


-Rod seals are recommended for pressures up to 2200 PSI (150 bar) and temperature range from -30&degC to + 105&deg C.
-Twin Lip design offering: Lower friction, Improved sealing, Primary lip protection, Increased seal stability.
-Rod seal is an extremely flexible seal making installation very easy.