Untitled DocumentGlyd Ring is a very effective and reliable low frictional seal. It is particularly suitable as a piston seal in both high and low pressure systems. It comprises a PTFE ring, strengthened with additives to resist creep, which is pre-loaded by an O ring to be effective for the operating pressure range recommended. As the pressure rises the O ring deforms and compresses the PTFE ring against the tube wall increasing the sealing force and the effectiveness of the seal. As only the PTFE ring is in contact with the sliding surface, friction is very low and stick-slip movement is eliminated.

The geometry of the Glyd Ring ensures a good static sealing and allows the lubricating hydrodynamic oil film to be build under the seal in reciprocating applications.


These are very effective in sealing heavy pressures up to 500 bar with the least stick/slip and for high surface speeds up to 15m/s in reciprocating application. The temperature range can be -50° C to 200° C depending upon the material used for the energizer 'O' ring. The sealing ring is made of bronze filled or carbon filled PTFE.


Glyd Ring has been successfully implemented in a lot of applications as double acting Piston seals of hydraulic components such as:

  1. Injection moulding machines
  2. Machine tools
  3. Presses
  4. Excavators
  5. Forklifts & handling machinery
  6. Agriculture equipment
  7. Valves for hydraulic & pneumatic circuits.


  • Low stick/slip
  • Low breakout and running
  • High surface speed
  • Compact piston design
  • The seal ring component can be machined to any size
  • Minimum static and dynamic friction coefficient for a minimum energy loss and operating temperature.
  • Suitable for non lubricating fluids depending on seal material for optimum design flexibility
  • High wear resistance ensures long service life
  • No adhesive effect to the mating surface during long period of inactivity or storage
  • Suitable for most hydraulic fluids in relation with most modern hardware materials and surface finish depending on material selected.
  • Suitable for new environmentally safe hydraulic fluids