Guide tapes, also known as Wear Rings are used as a piston & rod bearing to prevent scratching and eccentricity of the piston by absorbing transverse loads on the rod and they also improve the durability of packings in hydraulic cylinder.The choice of guide ring material depends on the service conditions of each application. Guide rings and guide strips can easily be assembled into closed housing grooves without specific tools. And they are economical with low maintenance cost.

It is of significant importances that the cylinder in total and its including parts are designed in order to decrease the ability of the piston and rod to move radially at load or pressure changes. The ability of the seal to meet the demands on sealing capacity, especially in tough cold, and the cylinder's ability to stand buckling loads, is very much depending on the piston and rod retaining a concentric position during the entire stroke.This in turn depends on the combined tolerances of the cylinder bore, the rod, the guide rings' or guide strips' radial widths and housing diameters. The distance between the rod guide and the piston guide must be chosen taking the possible bending moment at tough service conditions into consideration.


- Avoids metal to metal contact.
- Low friction behaviour
- Good wiping effect
- High load bearing strength
- Easy installation
- Cost effective
- Very wear resistant, long life service