Original Quad-Ring Seals are four lipped seals with a specially developed sealing profile. Quad-Ring Seals are vulcanized as a continuous ring. They are characterized by their annular form with a four lipped profile. Their dimensions are specified with the inside diameter and the cross-section.

Quad-Ring Seals are self energizing double-acting sealing elements. The forces acting in radial or axial direction due to the installation give its initial leak-tightness.

These forces are superimposed by the system pressure. An overall sealing force is created which increases with increasing system pressure. Under pressure, the seal behaves in a similar way to a fluid with high viscosity and the pressure is transmitted uniformly to all sides. Quad-Ring Seal is used predominantly for dynamic sealing functions. Its use is always limited by the pressure to be sealed and the velocity.

The choice of a suitable material is determined by the temperature, pressure and media.


  • Avoids twisting in the groove. Due to its special profile, the seal does not tend to roll in the groove during reciprocating movement.
  • With Quad-ring, the requisite diametrical compression is less than that for O-rings, thus reducing friction and, hence, wear during dynamic application
  • Very good sealing efficiency. Due to an improved pressure profile over its cross-section, a high sealing effect is achieved.
  • A lubricant reservoir formed between the sealing lips improves start up.
  • Unlike an O-Ring, the mould line flash lies in the trough, between and away from the critical sealing lips.