M R W Seals

The metal case of a reinforced wiper seal can be designed in various ways. Its main task is to fix the shape and position of the wiper lip and to enable a secure press fit assembly into an open housing. In order to maintain its secure position in the housing also during severe service conditions the metal case must be directed so that its most rigid end with the flange is placed at the bottom of the housing.Rubber Covered Wiper Seal: Wiper seals are made of nitrile rubber and polyurethane, general in 90 shore A for press into fitting in open housings that has metal insert for reinforcement. It is used for tractor equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.Advantages:  

  • Space-saving construction
  • Low cost, economical solution
  • Simple, easy-construction groove
  • Firm fit in the groove due to metallic press fit