Extremely suitable for medium duty to heavy duty application. Chevron seal accepts low & high pressure, vigorous conditions & also if any misalignment between sealing gaps.

The distinctive and exclusive hinge-like action of each Chevron ring permits immediate reaction even to minor pressure changes. Each individual lip of Chevron packing set independently reacts to pressure and automatically effect a seal. The multiple lip configurations automatically distribute pressure and effectively seal along the shaft.

The seal is a combination of a Gland Ring, center V-Ring & pressure ring or header. The center ring is the main seal being flexible enough to retain high & low pressure, whereas the base seal support the center ring from getting extruded against high pressures. The pressure ring helps in retaining the center ring profile& distributing pressure equally.

[We manufacture high quality chevron type seals that have an extremely wide application. These seals are manufactured from canvas impregnated with Nitrile/Viton rubber which is used in the form of set consisting of top and bottom rings. The number of V-rings in a set is variable and depends upon the pressure to be sealed. These seals can withstand a pressure upto 10,000 PSI. ]


Gland Ring: The Gland Ring is composed of fabric laminated synthetic rubber to provide adequate support against the pressure applied on the intermediate 'V' shaped rings and prevents the extrusion of seal material through the clearance gap at high pressure.

'V' seals: The 'V' seals are also made of highest quality fabric laminated synthetic rubber. They are designed so as to give the lips an automatic sealing action.Rubberised fabric is also used for the V rings. These provide secondary sealing as pressure acting on the header ring spreads the V rings increasing the sealing area.

It is manufactured in either polyacetal or hard rubberised fabric. The performance of the seal depends on the angle of V. It offers the advantage of a smaller cross-section for sealing ability. The assembly is a pressure activated packing that does not require any axial pre-load.

Header: The header is usually made of hard materials like phenolic resin, acetal resin, Nylon or fabric reinforced rubber. The header is provided with radial slots on the top surface to disburse the pressure directly to the lips of the adjacent V section rings.

The header ring is the primary seal. It is a bonded construction of a rubberised fabric V ring and rubber. When installed the section is pre-loaded to seal at low pressure but has the strength and durability of the fabric to operate at higher pressures.

The gland rings and 'V' Rings are designed with an initial interference at the lips with the housing as well as the piston rod and a clearance at the heel to provide an immediate sealing with least friction. The sealing can be increased by slightly compressing the packing set, in adjustable glands for wear compensation. In case of non-adjustable glands, where the gland depth is restricted, the packing sets are provided with spring loaded headers.

Standard packing ring sets are capable of withstanding temperature up to -30° C to +130° C in oil, water oil emulsion or water. It is possible to adopt a wide variety of extreme conditions by using selected material. It can withstand a pressure of upto 700 bar (10,000 PSI).


  • Long service life
  • Can be optimally adjusted to the application
  • Functions over a certain time period even with poorer surfaces
  • Insensitive to contamination
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Rod-seal replacement without complete cylinder dismantling possible


  1. Chevron Seal set for robust applications, mainly for provision of replacement parts on old plant. Chevron seal sets can be fitted to pistons having pressure on one side or "back-to- back" for two sides.
  2. Used in heavy duty hydraulic presses, earth moving equipments, hydraulic cranes, fork lift trucks, plunger pumps, valve actuator pistons etc...

'V' packings (Chevron packing) combining homogeneous rubber, intermediate rings in-between the fabric laminated 'V' seals provide very effective sealing, where the system is subjected to frequent or abrupt pressure changes and special operating conditions such as axial movements, oscillations, side loading, shock loading etc..

HT ID OD Part No Style
23.5 10 20 40 01000 02000 V1/V2
18.5 10 20 40 01000 02000 V4
41 10 27 40 01000 02700 V1/V2
32.5 10 27 40 01000 02700 V4
14.5 11 21 40 01100 02100 V1/V2
9.5 11 21 40 01100 02100 V4
22 12 24 40 01200 02400 V1/V2
15 12 24 40 01200 02400 V4
14.5 13 23 40 01300 02300 V1/V2
9.5 13 23 40 01300 02300 V4