Fluid seal is a 'U' seal integrally moulded with a resilient centre at the 'U' shaped groove of the seal. This resilient portion acts as a soft pad to maintain pressure on the sealing lip at all times irrespective of the wearing off that may take place on the heel. The base is constructed of rubberised fabric because it has strength, durability and retains lubricants to reduce wear and keeps the friction low.
A medium to heavy duty single acting seal, fluid seal is an effective and robust seal in a wide variety of applications.
Single-Acting fluid seal:

The seal comprises a rubberised fabric U form base to which is bonded a rubber energiser. The seal section is pre-loaded by the housing when installed to ensure effective sealing at low pressure. When the pressure increases the rubber energises the U form to increase the sealing area and hence the efficiency of the seal. The strength and durability of the rubberised fabric combined with its ability to retain lubricant keeps friction and wear to a minimum.


  • General purpose seal
  • Long life

Double Acting Fluid Seal:

The double acting fluid seal is a medium to heavy duty seal used in a wide variety of applications. Designed for split pistons, it offers the benefits in terms of sealing- efficiency and low friction due to rubber to fabric and a specific proportion of rubber is in contact with the cylinder surface.

The centre of the seal is rubber which is bonded to two 'U' section bases of rubberised fabric and is compressed by the housing to obtain the necessary low pressure seal. When the pressure increases, the rubber energizes the 'U' section and deforms it to the housing, increasing the sealing area and improving the seal.

Rubberised fabric is used to protect the rubber because it has strength and durability combined with its ability to retain the lubricant, to keep friction low and reduce wear. Double acting fluid seals are used for sealing pressures upto 500 bar, at temperature ranges of -30&degC to + 100&degC. Usage of suitable anti-extrusion rings can increase the pressure holding capacity of the seals upto 900 bars.


  • Well proven design
  • Tolerant to contamination