Rod cum wiper seals

Designed to preclude the ingress of contaminants into the system as well as assist in sealing the Rod. It is designed to fit into closed housings with pre-loading of the static face providing stability and sealing. It saves space and is easy to assemble.

The scraper lip is designed in a particular way that it reliably scrapes off the dirt but leaves a residual oil film on the rod, which is required for correct operation. The radial squeeze is sufficient to remove particles, dust and water. The scraping lip facing inwards is designed in a way that it assumes a sealing function even under low pressure.

The static seal is achieved by a tight radial fit between the scraper body and the groove.


  • Good scraping effect
  • Wear resistant, long service life
  • Retaining residual oil film
  • Standard elements for standardized installation grooves.